Documents on Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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HRC 40th 04/04/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/277 Written statement submitted by Freedom Now. The Islamic Republic of Iran's Judicial Harassment of Labor Activists E
HRC 40th 04/04/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/275 Written statement submitted by Iranian Elite Research Center. The Impact of Sanctions on Increase of Violence E
HRC 40th 04/04/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/273 Written statement submitted by Afro-European Medical and Research Network. Impact of scientific on Iranian researchers E
HRC 40th 15/03/2019A/HRC/40/L.15 Situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran E F S A C R
HRC 40th 27/02/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/246 Written statement submitted by Tourner La Page. Discrimination against the Kurds in the Islamic Republic of Iran E
HRC 40th 26/02/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/92 Written statement submitted by Jameh Ehyagaran Teb Sonnati Va Salamat Iranian. The United States of America Sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran are Violating the Patients Right to Life and Right to Health E
HRC 40th 26/02/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/179 Written statement submitted by the Network of Women's Non-governmental Organizations in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Gender and smoking E
HRC 40th 25/02/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/219 Written statement submitted by United Nations Watch. Islamic Republic of Iran's Aggression Against Israel is in Violation of UN Charter E
HRC 40th 22/02/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/48 Written statement submitted by Family Health Association of Iran. Female inmates’ Health in the Islamic Republic of Iran E
HRC 40th 22/02/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/40 Written statement submitted by Imam Ali’s Popular Students Relief Society. Unilateral Sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran E
HRC 40th 22/02/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/195 Joint written statement submitted by Nonviolent Radical Party. More than 30 years of impunity in the Islamic Republic of Iran has to end E F
HRC 40th 21/02/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/185 Written statement submitted by Women's Human Rights International Association. Violence against women in the Islamic Republic of Iran E F
HRC 40th 20/02/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/161 Written statement submitted by European Centre for Law and Justice, The / Centre Europeen pour le droit, les Justice et les droits de l'homme. Requesting that the UN work to free Pastor Youcef and protect his right to freely practice his religion E
HRC 40th 20/02/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/150 Written statement submitted by Amnesty International. The Human Rights Council Should Address the Crisis of Impunity Resulting from Iran’s Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity E
HRC 40th 18/02/2019A/HRC/40/NGO/94 Written statement submitted by Child Foundation, a non-governmental organization in special consultative status E
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