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HRC 37th 02/05/2018A/HRC/37/58/Add.2 Report of the Special Rapporteur on the issue of human rights obligations relating to the enjoyment of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment on his mission to Mongolia E F S A C R
HRC 38th 23/04/2018A/HRC/38/21 Addressing human rights protection gaps in the context of migration and displacement of persons across international borders resulting from the adverse effects of climate change and supporting the adaptation and mitigation plans of developing countries to bridge the protection gaps - Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights E F S A C R
HRC 37th 09/04/2018A/HRC/RES/37/8 Human rights and the environment E F S A C R
HRC 37th 16/03/2018A/HRC/37/L.19 Human rights and the environment E F S A C R
HRC 37th 15/03/2018A/HRC/37/NGO/199 Written statement submitted by the Next Century Foundation. Plastic Planet: A Sustainable Future? E
HRC 37th 01/03/2018A/HRC/37/NGO/186 Written statement submitted by Amnesty International. Amnesty International written statement: the Human Rights Council should urge states to implement their human rights obligations related to the environment E
HRC 37th 26/02/2018A/HRC/37/NI/3 Written submission by the National Human Rights Institution and Office of the Ombudsperson of Uruguay - Note by the Secretariat E F S A C R
HRC 37th 16/02/2018A/HRC/37/NGO/160 Written statement submitted by Human Rights Now. Evacuees of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Will Lose Government Assistance Soon E
HRC 37th 14/02/2018A/HRC/37/NGO/141 Joint written statement submitted by the International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Exploitation and Control of Palestinian Natural Resources as Tools of Israeli Domination E
HRC 37th 13/02/2018A/HRC/37/NGO/128 Joint written statement submitted by Greenpeace International. Joint submission to UNHRC: IADL and Greenpeace International on the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis and Human Rights E
HRC 37th 12/02/2018A/HRC/37/NGO/31 Written statement submitted by the Association of Citizens Civil Rights Protection “Manshour-e Parseh”. War will destroy our environment Environment doesn’t know boundary E
HRC 37th 08/02/2018A/HRC/37/NGO/35 Written statement submitted by Chant du guépard dans le desert. Conviction of Turkish Dam and its Impact on Increasing Haze in the Islamic Republic of Iran E
HRC 37th 07/02/2018A/HRC/37/NGO/86 Written statement submitted by the Asian Legal Resource Centre. BANGLADESH-INDIA: Rising energy demand cannot be used for destroying people and their habitats E
HRC 37th 07/02/2018A/HRC/37/NGO/69 Written statement submitted by Human Rights Advocates Inc..Planting a Seed: How Knowledge, Education and Cohesive Efforts Can Aid the Environment E
HRC 37th 07/02/2018A/HRC/37/NGO/30 Written statement submitted by the Organization for Defending Victims of Violence. Regional Environmental Effects of Turkey’s Dam Projects E
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