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HRC 8th 26/05/2008A/HRC/8/NGO/3 Joint written statement submitted by the Assembly of First Nations-National Indian Brotherhood (AFN), the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC), the International Organization of Indigenous Resource Development (IOIRD), the Indigenous World Association (IWA) and the Native Women’s Association of Canada, non-governmental organizations in special consultative status E
CHR 58th 24/01/2002E/CN.4/2002/NGO/49 Written statement submitted by the International Indian Treaty Council E
CHR 59th 17/03/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/230 (Exposición por escrito por Federación Internacional de los Derechos humanos) S
CHR 59th 29/03/2003E/CN.4/2003/NGO/268 Written statement submitted by Friends World Committee for Consultation (Quakers) E
CHR 60th 04/03/2004E/CN.4/2004/NGO/107 (Exposición escrita presentada por el Consejo Internacional de Tratados Indios) S
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