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CHR 56th 07/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/4 Situation in occupied Palestine E F S
CHR 56th 13/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/5 The right to development E F S
CHR 56th 20/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/37 Question of enforced or involuntary disappearances E F S
CHR 56th 20/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/38 The right to freedom of opinion and expression E F S
CHR 56th 20/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/39 Human rights in the administration of justice, in particular juvenile justice E F S
CHR 56th 20/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/40 The incompatibility between democracy and racism E F S
CHR 56th 20/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/41 The right to restitution, compensation and rehabilitation for victims of grave violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms E F S
CHR 56th 20/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/42 Independence and impartiality of the judiciary, jurors and assessors and the independence of lawyers E F S
CHR 56th 20/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/43 Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment E F S
CHR 56th 20/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/44 Traffic in women and girls E F S
CHR 56th 20/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/45 Elimination of violence against women E F S
CHR 56th 20/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/46 Integrating the human rights of women throughout the United Nations system E F S
CHR 56th 25/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/47 Promoting and consolidating democracy E F S
CHR 56th 25/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/48 Human rights of migrants E F S
CHR 56th 25/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/49 International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families E F S
CHR 56th 25/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/50 Tolerance and pluralism as indivisible elements in the promotion and protection of human rights E F S
CHR 56th 25/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/51 Human rights of persons with disabilities E F S
CHR 56th 25/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/52 Rights of persons belonging to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities E F S
CHR 56th 25/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/53 Internally displaced persons E F S
CHR 56th 25/04/2000E/CN.4/RES/2000/54 Violence against women migrant workers E F S