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CHR 60th 23/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/128 Situation of human rights in the Sudan E F S
CHR 60th 23/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/127 Organization of work of the sixty-first session of the Commission on Human Rights E F S
CHR 60th 23/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/126 Question of human rights in Cyprus E F S
CHR 60th 22/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/125 Dates of the sixty first session of the Commission on Human Rights E F S
CHR 60th 22/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/124 The prevention of human rights violations caused by the availability and misuse of small arms and light weapons E F S
CHR 60th 22/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/123 The universal implementation of international human rights treaties E F S
CHR 60th 22/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/122 Human rights implications, particularly for indigenous people, of the disappearance of States for environmental reasons E F S
CHR 60th 22/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/121 United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education, 1995 2004 E F S
CHR 60th 22/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/120 Human rights and bioethics E F S
CHR 60th 22/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/119 Science and environment E F S
CHR 60th 22/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/118 Fundamental standards of humanity E F S
CHR 60th 22/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/117 Human rights and human responsibilities E F S
CHR 60th 22/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/116 Responsibilities of transnational corporations and related business enterprises with regard to human rights E F S
CHR 60th 22/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/115 International year/decade for the world’s minorities E F S
CHR 60th 22/04/2004E/CN.4/DEC/2004/114 Voluntary fund on minority related activities E F S
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