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CHR 54th 27/03/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/1 Question of the violation of human rights in the occupied Arab territories, including Palestine E F S
CHR 54th 03/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/10 Fiftieth anniversary of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide E F S
CHR 54th 09/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/11 Human rights and unilateral coercive measures E F S
CHR 54th 09/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/12 Adverse effects of the illicit movement and dumping of toxic and dangerous products and wastes on the enjoyment of human rights E F S
CHR 54th 09/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/13 Working Group on Indigenous Populations of the Sub?Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities and the International Decade of the World's Indigenous People E F S
CHR 54th 09/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/14 Working Group of the Commission on Human rights to elaborate a draft declaration in accordance with paragraph 5 of General Assembly resolution 49/214 of 23 December 1994 E F S
CHR 54th 09/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/15 International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families E F S
CHR 54th 09/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/16 Migrants and human rights E F S
CHR 54th 09/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/17 Violence against women migrant workers E F S
CHR 54th 09/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/18 Implementation of the Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief E F S
CHR 54th 09/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/19 Rights of persons belonging to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities E F S
CHR 54th 27/03/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/2 Human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan E F S
CHR 54th 09/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/20 A permanent forum for indigenous people in the United Nations system E F S
CHR 54th 09/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/21 Tolerance and pluralism as indivisible elements in the promotion and protection of human rights E F S
CHR 54th 14/04/1998E/CN.4/RES/1998/22 Assistance to Guatemala in the field of human rights E F S
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