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HRC 1st SS 06/07/2006A/HRC/S-1/NGO/1 Written statement submitted by Amnesty International E
HRC 1st SS 06/07/2006A/HRC/S-1/NGO/2 Written statement submitted by World Vision International [Human rights situation in Occupied Palestinian Territories] E
HRC 1st SS 06/07/2006A/HRC/S-1/NGO/3 Written statement submitted by United Nations Watch (UN Watch) [Demonization is not Dialogue] E
HRC 1st SS 06/07/2006A/HRC/S-1/NGO/4 Joint written statement submitted by the Association for World Education and the World Union for Progressive Judaism E
HRC 1st SS 06/07/2006A/HRC/S-1/NGO/5 Written statement submitted by the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists E
HRC 1st SS 06/07/2006A/HRC/S-1/NGO/6 Joint written statement submitted by the Int'l Youth and Student Movement for the United Nations, the Women’s Int'l League for Peace and Freedom, the Int'l League for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples, the World Alliance of Young Men’s Christian Associations, the World Young Women’s Christian Association, the Tebtebba Foundation (Indigenous Peoples' International Centre for Policy Research and Education) and the Union of Arab Jurists [To stand with Palestine is to stand with Humanity] E
HRC 1st SS 06/07/2006A/HRC/S-1/NGO/7 Written statement submitted by Human Rights Watch E
HRC 1st SS 06/07/2006A/HRC/S-1/NGO/8 Written statement submitted by the International Commission of Jurists E
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